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A Code of Honor for Sales an 8 year old can understand.

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Jim MathersI was 8 years old in 1969.

I was told that if I wanted to go to Boy Scout summer camp in Northern Michigan, I would have to raise the $400 needed to pay for the camp and the transportation. My parents did not have enough money to pay for summer camp, neither did the other parents in our Detroit neighborhood. Times were tough in 1969. Money was tight. You wanted something extra, you found a way to pay for it yourself; one of my very first lessons as a junior entrepreneur. Read More

5 easy steps to regain your confidence in 5 minutes or less!

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Jim MathersA few minutes ago, I was talking to Karina, one my friends in Russia. She is a junior consultant and her first responsibility is to convince Russian entrepreneurs to come to her company’s training seminar in Sochi. As a Millenial, she feels new to the game of professional sales and consulting.

She was failing dismally and had lost confidence in herself. She wasn’t able to convince anyone to sign up for the conference. She was starting to worry about her own ability to survive. Read More