How to Become a Millionaire Course

Lesson 1
Decide What Your Big Goal or Dream Is

In order to become a millionaire, your dream needs to be big, much, much bigger than you imagine. More importantly, it needs to be your dream or goal, a dream you are willing to fight for, overcome challenges, and that when you achieve you will not only have helped yourself but others as well. Your goal needs to motivate you every single day to be more, achieve more, and grow. In this lesson, I will take you through the steps I took to help me decide what my goal or dream was, and how I was able to start on my journey to achieving it.


Lesson 1-0

In order to become a millionaire, your dream needs to be big, much, much bigger than you imagine. In this first lesson, write down one dream or goal of yours. For the purpose of this exercise, it doesn’t matter so much what that dream or goal is. While doing so, envision yourself achieving that dream or goal. Now practice envisioning you achieving that same dream but 10X bigger.

For example, if your goal is to sell 10,000 items, now imagine you selling 100,000 items. Now do the same but increase your original dream by 100X and then by 1,000X! Now increase it by 10,000X. Envision yourself achieving your dream as big as possible, much, much bigger than you ever expected.

Now, write down another goal or dream. Envision achieving that goal 10X bigger, and then 100X bigger, 1,000X bigger, and then even bigger than that! Do this until you feel comfortable thinking and dreaming BIG! VERY BIG! That’s what becoming a millionaire will take.

How to decide what your dream or goal is

Lesson 1-1:

You probably have a lot of dreams or goals. So let’s decide which one is yours and which one we are going to focus on. IN doing so you will realize a lot of the other dreams or goals you have can start to fall in alignment with your major BIG goal or dream.

Take a piece of paper and write down your goals & dreams. Include here any dreams you had but gave up on, any dreams you had but maybe you doubted yourself, and make sure any dreams you have are in fact your dreams, not something someone else would want from you, not something that the society would expect you to have or do. Write them all down.

This may take one hour or it could take 2 days, it may take a week. Take your time and decide what your goal or dream is. As you do this circle any goals or dreams that really make you happy, that stand out, and that you feel you would be happy to do. Narrow this down to one single dream that other dreams can align with. Circle it 5 times! And put exclamation points next to it!

Now… take a picture of you with your circled goal or dream and send it to me at:

Write down your goal or dream

Lesson 1-2: 

Now that you have your goal figured out, make sure you don’t forget it. More importantly, remember it every single day. The best way to do this is by writing it down and putting it in obvious place, where you will be able to see it every day. Put it on your fridge, on your desk, on your bathroom mirror, on your night table, put it in many places. Get creative, make it look pretty, get it printed, get it carved in wood, make it real and put it in many places where you can see it.

Once you are done with this, take a picture with you and signs of your dream and send them to me at

Envision your dream

Lesson 1-3:

Whatever your dream is, take some time to envision your dream by finding pictures, quotes, or things that represent the dream you want. You can do this searching on line, on YouTube, going to a book store or library, or evening speaking to friends who have achieved this dream and getting their experience.

While this will be an ongoing project, start this immediately by:

  1. creating a book, a board, a photo album in your phone, computer, or tablet, or a space in your home or office where you will place these visions so they are visible every day and,
  2. Start finding pictures, printing them, and putting them into this space until you feel better about your dream and being able to achieve it! Remember, you can and should continue to add to this vision, find better pictures or representations, etc. 

Write down smaller sub-goals

Lesson 1-4:

Now that you have a good idea of what your goal or dream is, write down smaller sub-goals. Try to envision what it will be like when you get to that goal and what goals you may need to achieve to get there. This is not a detailed plan, this is just smaller sub-goals that will help you climb towards the overall bigger goal, and more attainable goals that you can start achieving right away.

Make sure to include some immediate things you can start to do and achieve while also large goals that build towards the overall goal.

It’s ok to change or revise your dream or goal

Lesson 1-5:

Sometimes when you think of a dream or goal you immediately start to think of reasons it can’t happen, or reasons you won’t be able to achieve it. Any goal worth achieving will have barriers and challenges, failures, and also many victories. Here is a short exercise that can help.

Write down any immediate reasons you may not reach your goal or dream, any barriers that come to mind. This doesn’t have to take long, just write some things that come to mind right away. Now take that paper and destroy it. Tear it up into a million little pieces, throw it on the ground and stomp on it, throw it in the trash!

Mentally destroy any reasons you cannot reach your goals or dreams and start into action towards them now! Today!