Have You Ever Dreamed So Big It Made Others Uncomfortable?

By March 1, 2023 Dream BIG
Digital Art by Tamassia Martins

“If you’re dream don’t literally scare the crap out of you… they’re not big enough”Mallory (TikTok)

Have you ever shared a dream with someone to be met with skepticism or even laughter? It’s a strange thing? The very act of dreaming big can sometimes make others uncomfortable. But why is that? And why should it matter?

The Power of Big Dreams

Dreaming big isn’t just about setting lofty goals; it’s about stretching your mind to envision a life beyond the confines of the ordinary. When you dream big, you challenge yourself and societal norms. And that can be intimidating to some. 

Why Others Might Be Scared

Often, people who’ve settled into a routine or given up on their dreams can find it unsettling when someone else dares to dream differently. It might make them question their own choices, or they might fear that you’ll change as a person if you pursue your dreams.

How Does This Apply In Real Life?

Consider the story of Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx. When she first came up with the idea of footless pantyhose, many laughed it off. But she believed in her vision, pursued it relentlessly, and is now a billionaire. Her dream was so big and out of the norm that it scared people – but it also changed the fashion industry forever.

So, don’t let the fear of others hold you back. Embrace your big dreams, and remember that every great achievement starts with the decision to try. If your dreams make others uncomfortable, it’s a sign you’re on the right track.

Take a moment today to jot down your biggest, wildest dreams. Share them with someone you trust. And most importantly, take one step toward making that dream a reality, no matter how small. Spread the word and inspire others to dream big, too.

Love, Jim

Artwork courtesy of Tamassia Martins