5 easy steps to regain your confidence in 5 minutes or less!

By August 27, 2015 Sales, Self Confidence

Jim MathersA few minutes ago, I was talking to Karina, one my friends in Russia. She is a junior consultant and her first responsibility is to convince Russian entrepreneurs to come to her company’s training seminar in Sochi. As a Millenial, she feels new to the game of professional sales and consulting.

She was failing dismally and had lost confidence in herself. She wasn’t able to convince anyone to sign up for the conference. She was starting to worry about her own ability to survive.

I asked her a few questions to find out what changed recently. I told her she was no longer convinced that her company was the best alternative for helping Russian business owners to increase their success. She agreed!

It took several questions to find out what happened. She had been talking to her father and he pointed out that he was a very successful businessman, and that he had been trained in business at the very best schools in the USA. He insisted that she could not help him learn anything new.

She was SOLD!

After that conversation, she no longer had any confidence in her company, herself, her product. It only took a few minutes to “sell” her on that idea. She had not been selling her own product long enough to build up the certainty about what she was doing.

The Magic of expert Sales coaching is that it doesn’t take a lot of time to spot and handle the weak points. It does take a lot of great experience winning at the game of sales, but not a lot of time.

The moral of this story is that Karina recognized immediately that she “bought the thought” from her father. (She knew that he meant no harm, he was only trying to help her.) As soon as she realized this, she looked at the success of her own company and team of consultants and happy clients that she knew personally and she was reinvigorated.

It’s easy to handle sales managers and sales professionals… If you care enough to find out the truth.

5 easy steps to regain your confidence and energy and motivation in sales.

  1. Make sure you truly do believe in your product. (If you don’t, quit your job asap and find something you DO believe in.)
  2. Go and look at your customers’ successes and failures. Be honest with yourself. Sell yourself on the benefits of using your own service or product.
  3. Make a list of people who recently told you that your product or service was not the best. Also list down what they said exactly.
  4. Decide for yourself if your products benefits outweigh the negative comments of others.
  5. Sell yourself on your product or service. You will know that you are successful on this step when you feel an inrush of energy and confidence.
    Go out and try it. You may be amazed at how simple this really is.

Surround yourself with successful people who do this on a daily basis and you will find yourself filled with energy and success and much more happiness.

Be careful! The side effect of happiness, high energy and purpose is a much, much higher income!

Good luck.