Three Signs You Can Trust Someone

Signs You Can Trust Someone

“Three signs you can trust someone. One, they make a consistent effort to stick with the promises and commitments they have made for you; second, you don’t feel insecure with them, and you don’t fear being judged by them; three, You don’t have to explain to them how you’re feeling they understand the tears behind your smile and the reason behind your silence.” – Gauranga Das

Trust is the foundation of any strong relationship, whether friendship, family bonds, or a romantic partnership. The glue holds people together and allows them to grow and thrive in a safe, supportive environment. However, knowing who to trust can sometimes be a challenging endeavor.

In the above quote, spiritual leader Gauranga Das offers three signs to help us identify trustworthy individuals. In this article, I will explore these signs and delve deeper into key aspects of trust and relationships.

1) Keeping Promises and Commitments

When someone consistently tries to keep their promises and commitments to you, it strongly indicates their trustworthiness. This behavior shows that they value your relationship and are willing to try to maintain it. They understand that trust is earned through actions, not just words, and they strive to be reliable.

But why is this so important? Why is keeping your promise vital to building friendship and trust? When we know we can count on someone, it creates a sense of security and stability. It’s comforting to know that there are people who will stand by us, especially when life throws its inevitable curveballs.

2) Being Yourself Without Fear

There is no greater freedom than being your true self.

Trustworthy people create a space where you feel safe to be yourself. You don’t fear judgment or ridicule; instead, you feel accepted for who you are. This acceptance allows you to express your thoughts and feelings openly, fostering more profound connections.

Feeling secure enough to be authentic with someone is liberating. It encourages honesty and transparency in the relationship, crucial ingredients for lasting trust.

3) Unspoken Understanding

Have you ever noticed what I call the silent language of true friendship? Sometimes, the most profound connections are those where words are unnecessary. When someone understands the tears behind your smile or the silence that speaks volumes, it’s a sign of a deep and trusting relationship. This level of empathy and understanding is rare, but when you find it, it’s worth cherishing.

These individuals can read between the lines and offer support when you need it most, even if you haven’t asked for help because they know and understand you and your feelings at a higher level.

The Essence of Real Friendship

When we speak about trust, we also talk about friendship because someone you can truly trust is a true friend.

Real friendship transcends mere social interaction, embodying a deep understanding, trust, and mutual respect. It forms an enduring bond that survives time and challenges and fosters personal growth and emotional support.

Real friendship is about understanding, where friends share in each other’s joys and struggles, appreciating each other’s perspectives without judgment. It’s marked by unconditional support, with friends standing by each other in both triumphs and adversities and by honesty and openness, with communication that is both candid and constructive. Trust and reliability are the bedrock of true friendship, creating a dependable and safe space where promises are kept and secrets remain secure.

The Importance of Trustworthy and Supportive Friends

Surrounding oneself with trustworthy and supportive individuals significantly enhances one’s life, creating a nurturing environment where emotional and personal well-being can flourish and experience true personal growth. These relationships offer more than companionship; they provide a foundation of security and belonging vital for vibrant health. Trustworthy friends become confidants and pillars of support, offering a safe space to share feelings, thereby reducing stress and anxiety.

Moreover, these friendships play a pivotal role in personal growth and inspiration. Supportive friends are not just cheerleaders in times of success but also the motivators and catalysts that push individuals to pursue their passions, dreams, and goals. By encouraging the exploration of new horizons, they help foster personal development and realize one’s potential.

Another significant benefit of such relationships is the enhancement of self-confidence. The positive reinforcement and encouragement from supportive friends contribute immensely to building self-esteem. In a world where self-doubt can often creep in, knowing that one is valued and appreciated by friends can uplift and empower an individual.

Lastly, the resilience built through these friendships cannot be overstated. Life’s challenges and adversities are inevitable, but having a reliable support system makes coping with hardships more manageable. Faithful friends provide strength and comfort during tough times, helping to build resilience and enabling individuals to bounce back from setbacks.

The value of real friendship lies not merely in companionship but in its profound and positive impact on one’s life. It’s about having someone who enriches your life, stands by you through thick and thin, and aids in your journey to become your best self.

Trusting Others Starts With Being Someone Others Can Trust

If you want to know and trust others, you must be someone others can rely on. This means being a person of personal integrity who sticks to their beliefs and values.

First and foremost, it’s about doing what you believe is right, even when it’s not easy. When you have a strong sense of right and wrong and consistently act following those beliefs, people can trust you to be honest and reliable.

Being yourself is another key aspect. Authenticity goes a long way in building trust. People can feel comfortable around you when you’re genuine and not pretending to be someone you’re not, knowing you’re not hiding anything.

Helping others is also a big part of being someone others can trust. You care about others ‘ well-being when you lend a helping hand or offer support without expecting anything in return. This fosters trust and deepens your connections with people.

If you want to trust and be trusted by others, it’s essential to be a person of integrity, to do what’s right, to be authentic, and to lend a helping hand. Being trustworthy enriches your life and creates meaningful and reliable relationships with others.

Good luck!

Love, Jim